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Here is an unfinished and incomplete list of other vessels designed by Dick Koopmans. The majority here is one-offs and exploring the globe.
Feel free to send updates, changes and additions to those found below the slide show

Polaris (DE) – 54ft
Stromvogel (DE) – 48ft
 – (for sale as per aug. 2015)
Momos (DE) 40ft
Ellinor (SE) – 48ft
Moon (SE) – 47ft
Sans Peur (SE/DK) – 46ft
Wanderingalbatross (US) – 45ft
Anaconda (NL) 50ft
Barbarossa (NL) – 44ft
Bannister (NL) 45ft Concord
Bess (NL) 39ft Sentijn
Blacklock (NL) – 53ft
Callista (NL) 43ft
Dikke Druyff (NL) – 44ft
Elsa (NL) 47ft Concord
Eva Maria (NL) 49ft
Flyaway (NL) – 47ft Concord
Flying Swan (NL) 46ft
Gemini (NL) – 45ft
Helena (NL) – 45ft
Indira (NL) – 40ft
Jacqueline – (NL) – 42ft
Jonathan III (NL) – 45ft
Kaat (NL) 39ft – for sale (Feb ’15)
Sabbatical (NL) 45ft
Margalliti (NL) – 45ft
Marida (NL) – 43ft
Mirus (NL) 41ft
Mundinho (NL) – 42ft
Mama-cocha (NL) 47ft Concord
Popeye (NL) 47ft Concord
Ritme (NL) – 33ft
Santana (NL) 54ft
Shalom /NL) 37ft Breehorn
Sirius (NL) – 40ft
Sunday Island (AUS) – 43ft ketch
Tara (NL) – 41ft
Vagabond (NL) – 37ft
Vlieger (NL) – 39ft
White Spirit (NL) – 36ft
Wing IV (NL) – 41ft
WonderWood (NL) – 40ft
Zwerver (NL) 39ft
Zwerver (NL) 47ft – for sale (Feb ’15)
Snowdragon 2 (US) – 49ft
Bonita (NO) – 49ft
Lille Polaris (NO) – 45ft

Dick Koopmans design site 

Below listing will over time be pruned and included above, but for now…..

De Ware Jacob (NL) – 53ft
Vagabond (NL) – 37ft
Bylgia (NL) – 40ft
Shishco (NL) – 37ft
Lanata (NL) – 36ft
Rode Zora (NL) – 45 ft