Joining to explore?


Crewing on Iris about adventure, discovery, fellowship and contribution.

You join as crew, not as a guest. As crew you will take part in whatever is required to make the ship safe and functional, and more importantly to keep your fellow sailors happy and well fed.

You may have an option on when or where to join, but not both at the same time.

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What to bring

On a general note, your dinner jacket or posh frocks are best left at home. Think Easter holiday in windblown mountains. Bring hiking gear; wool (100%), Gore-Tex and solid shoes/boots and expect shore based activites that will get your blood flowing.

  • Passport and visa (if applicable).
  • Medical certificate / certificate of vaccination.
  • Bedding; sleeping bag and a set of bed sheets / pillow case. A pillow is provided.
  • Towels; one washcloth and one large towel.
  • Swimsuit.
  • Toilet articles; include sunblock. I recommend against spray-on sunblock as it is very messy and much less effective.
  • Comfortable clothes, suited for the latitudes we’ll be sailing. Bring khakis, shorts and shirts. Fashionable or expensive clothing and jewelry are best left at home.
  • Cold weather clothing; a heavy wool sweater or jacket, heavy wool socks, warm pants and a windbreaker. Fall and spring sailing can be brisk. Don’t be fooled by warm weather ashore. Wool implies 100% wool, no mix.
  • Foul weather gear; seagoing two-piece outfits are best, but if you don’t sail a lot, keep it simple. A limited amount of gear is available on board if yours proves insufficient.
  • Soft-soled shoes; no black rubber soles and please do not bring flip-flops.
  • Other essentials; sunglasses, hats/caps, small ditty bag for day stuff and for shore leave, camera.
  • Seasickness medications; Postafen, Marazine or Bonamine are successful. Marazine seems to be less prone to promote drowsiness.
  • Sea or duffel bag. All gear (except sleeping bag) is to be packed in one sea or duffel bag of moderate size. No suitcases are allowed, as stowage space is limited. There simply is not room for larger bags and extra clothing.

Remember; keep it simple. There is a safety harness for crew members onboard.


You will contribute towards the cost of having you on board and toward the daily running cost of the ship. Currently that is estimated to EUR 25 per person/day.