Limited space – too much gear – great dish strainer

Solving the ever returning issue of wanting to add gear on board while fighting limited space. Do you recognise the situation?
The other day while at IKEA, I came across a little gem of a dish strainer. Is this something to write about then? Maybe. The inspiration to write comes from a post at another blog – ( – where they were “desperately” were searching for a replacement strainer for the one they had. Apparently, the old one was great, but it had come to the end of its useful life.
As an alternative, I would recommend the one pictured here. The length is adjustable, to fit inside any sink of a heeling vessel. Add a small tray and use in on the kitchen counter while in harbour. Fully collapse it for easy storage in a small space. The pictures tell the rest of the story.
In my mind it fits the slogan of one of the local supermarkets chains, Rema, the simple solutions are often the best ones. I presume the same goes for sailing gear, not only shopping for food, at least if one would ask Lin & Larry Pardey. 

If you like the item, it can currently be found in the kitchen section of IKEA shops. The price is a whopping EUR 7 (approx).


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