Has something changed for the positive at Force 10

The Force 10 stove installed on board around year 2000 is clearly not behaving as desired and nor in accordance with the slogan of Force 10 – “cooking without compromise”. 
The issue is as follows; when used and the burners on the top is on, if then the oven is started, the burners on the top stop burning. While the oven is on, I do not manage to re-ignite to cooking burners. In an effort to fix this annoying situation, I have renewed the regulator – with no effect. This issue occurs in the summer when ambient temperature is between 18-25C.


After quite a bit of swearing and cursing I took the effort to contact Force 10 via email a year ago. With no response in return. More swearing and cursing – now over slack customer support. Yesterday I bit the bullet and started searching for replacement items – not from Force 10 – clearly. I also wrote a second email to Force 10 – and hoopla – 6 hours late an e-mail is ticking in. Have something changed for the positive at Force 10? 

Anyway if more people are having the same issues as me, then for the benefit of more, here is the response from Brad Clarke at Force 10 appliances:

“The issue you are having will likely be rectified with some simple routine maintenance. When was the last time you cleaned the orifices in the top burners? 

The issue you are having is that when the oven is operating, as it vents, the hot air reduces the oxygen level under the burners and the flame is reduces and the thermocouple shuts down the burner.
The top burner orifices need to be cleaned at least once per year as routine maintenance.
You will need to remove the orifices, soak them in methyl alcohol and then blow them out with compressed air.”

User manuals and problem solving docs: http://www.force10.com/product_documents.html

photo credit: SV Wings
Enjoy the day – and thanks Brad!